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I am the proud father of four adult children and grandpa to six grandkids and counting while currently living in Southern California. I earned my B.A. in Practical Theology, a M.A. in Religion minor in Ethics and Philosophy, and my Ph.D. in General Psychology with an interest in Multiculturalism, Human Motivation, Educational and Professional Development; Post Doctorate Certificate in Psychology for Online Teaching; Post Doctorate Certificate in Forensic Psychology. Completed the Instructor Presence Certificate Training, QM certification for program course accreditation, and have published several articles while serving as a peer review editor for a public health journal.

I spent several years in law enforcement, 13 years in real estate and property management, and have a very broad work and professional background, obtained my private pilot license at a young age, and enjoy hobbies such as construction projects, classic car restoration, stock trading and camping.

My teaching and mentoring experience dates back to 1983, online since 1995, and research dissertation committee work as a content specialist over the past 12-years while focusing on the success of executive business professionals with an emphasis on effecting positive social change. I have taught nearly all graduate level psychology, industrial organizational psychology and sociology courses and was instrumental in the implementation of enforcement protocols related to police departmental policy and the Department of Corrections custodial procedures.

I am an entrepreneur at heart, founder and corporate executive administrator for several companies, with over 40 years experience in nearly all phases of ecommerce based and corporate service industries with responsibilities to include approval of research training for peer review, strategic planning, merchant operations, compliance, ecommerce, licensing, and product development.

Additionally, I have managed research strategy and business development which focused on peer review analysis and module training, platform strategy, critical response, peer development, core development and multicultural solutions, sales and productivity, client application, integration support, including web base design and implementation.

Mentoring interests include executive and corporate guidance, forensic and law enforcement studies, company flow and structure, ecommerce, religious research, industrial and social organizational based implementation including leadership and employee issues, addiction and rehabilitation, child rearing and family concerns.

Dr. David R. Blunt
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